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It is an autotool to generate encode/decode functions of the struct defined in xml file,current version is,because only python code is provided.
soon coming: c++ code and java code.
<struct name="helloworld">
<member name="h1" type="int" count="5"/>
<member name="h2" type="embeded"/>
<member name="h3" type="embeded" count="2"/>
<member name="h4" type="int"/>
<member name="h5" type="float" count="TALL_COUNT" refer="count"/>
<member name="h6" type="char"/>
in *.py files we use like this:

h_2 = helloworld()
h_2.h3[1].e7[1].headhead = 9
str = encode_helloworld(h_2)
h_3,pos = decode_helloworld(str2)
myassert_true(h_3.h3[1].e7[1].headhead == 9)

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